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About Us


Welcome to Mainlogix

Mainlogix with the vision of being a frontier company in the area of IoT have developed a number of smart devices such as intelligent Gateway for Home Assistance and control system, smart socket and switches,.
Mainlogix designs communication and control systems that are made efficient by the blend of our unique gateway/hub with the cloud service and internet which ensures seamless communication, coordination and control of the respective gadget
Mainlogix is the only designer and developer of smart home devices Nigeria

Need to Know

Reliability is guaranteed with our system as it has been designed for use in the most gruelling working well in various conditions. The framework of the system is made of the most stoic and rogged material posible in order to absorb relative shock and adverse environmental conditions. Our online platform provides the best support ever to all our clients. We will be available at all working hours to attend to customers complaints. We value our clients very much. Our mission is to make our proprietary house automation affordable and accessible for everyone. Whether you live in a rented apartment or your own home – our solutions can provide you with the convenience and comfort that we associate with Smart-Homes. They are fail safe, affordable and easy to use and offer you the peace of mind you deserve, despite your busy life and the many demands on your time.